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Hiking Tour Guide in Champorcher Valley, Valle d’Aosta Italy

Hiking Tour Guide in Champorcher Valley, Valle d’Aosta Italy, is a comprehensive guide about flora and fauna peculiarities across this valley: the flora beauties across the Valle della Legna, officially chosen as Nature Site for the year 2000 by the European Community, along with the National Park of Mont-Avic with its numerous lakes, and the Mont Glacier, from whose pick you can enjoy a stunning view over the whole Valle d’Aosta and discover the geological peculiarities of Mont Dela and Mont Moussaillon.
Of particular interest is the description of the behaviour of some local animals, ranging from the chamois to some local birds such us the beautiful wallcreeper.

Hiking & Nature Watching in Champorcher -Routes Suitable for Everyone


This guide is intended for those who love and appreciate hiking as a way of giving a meaning to the walk itself, observing as a way of getting to know and fully understand nature, flowers, trees, animals and rocks, understanding how history has shaped this valley and its people, wandering around simply to enjoy landscape and nature beauties.
The authors of the guide believe that hiking should be fully enjoyed and be good both for the well-being and for the soul. This booklet is not intended to be a comprehensive guide about hiking in its basic meaning, neither aims to suggest that hiking should merely be a tiresome and exhausting activity.
This guide offers different possibilities for hiking according to the amount of time you have available; from 1-2 hour routes to 6-7 hour ones. That is the reason why the routes have been divided into groups based on time duration. Hiking should mean neither forcing oneself to “hard labour” nor to simply take a quick and boring walk.

There is a wide choice of pleasant routes, trying to avoid, when possible, long walks along the valley floor; hiking along the valley floor can get rather boring, especially when you are not that good at observing nature. When the climbing down would imply simply hiking back along the same way, the guide suggestion is for local buses, which go up and down the valley regularly. In Switzerland, Austria, France and on the Dolomites travelling by bus on the way back is quite common practice for hikers.

The Champorcher Valley offers a wide choice of options for hiking. Summer is obviously the high season, nonetheless autumn and spring are enjoyable as well. The only suggestion is to get well-equipped according to the time of the year and the weather conditions.
This valley long history, as for all the other mountain valleys, has provided us with an important heritage of paths and mule tracks; which are often unknown, sometimes totally abandoned and sometimes converted into roads or ski tracks. All of them just wait to be rediscovered and fully enjoyed.

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