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Herbs days in May

Herbs and flower in the plate

During the month of May surrounding the hamlet of Verana you can observe the extraordinary blooming of natural herbs and flowers.
An old lady makes a list of 30 different natural herbs that in the past were used in the kitchen, some very know and sweetness as the spinach and the “bistorta”, others with a bitter taste as the echium and the “bardana”.
The herbs used in the kitchen are harvested before their blooming because after they could produce toxic substance. For example, the “raperonzolo” or the “ajucca”  when they grow and bloom their green flowers become violet and during this change they are toxic. The “epilobio” during the first period of growth has a green stem and it’s very savoury as the asparagus, but during the second period of growth its stem loses its colouring and it is advised against cooking it.
During the month of May if you book in the bed and breakfast I will go with us through the hamlets of Verana, Ecreux and Outreleve discovering and identifying the herbs and flowers. You could also have a dinner in a typical nice reastaurant “La Louye de la Gomba” in the Crest village where you can taste the delicious herbs.